The Hit List: Top 10 Stories We Want Reported in 2014

1. A growing concern

How is climate change affecting agriculture, a $2.8 billion industry in Montana?

2. Kids won’t be kids

Does Montana’s lack of social events for young people cause them to grow up quicker?

3. Go home, Canadians (kidding, kidding)

After all the time and money spent on the 2012 ballot initiative requiring proof of citizenship for some social services, what effect, if any, is the law having on illegal immigration in the state?

4. Fueling the fire and the fury

Is anyone remembering to be concerned about coal trains bumping up pollution as they pass through Big Sky Country carrying fuel bound for Asia?

5. When the house wins, who loses at home?

What are the economic and social effects of gambling addiction, a big problem that largely flies under the radar?

6. Sticking to the script

Native organizations are doing some positive work on Montana’s seven Indian reservations. When are we going to hear about some of the good happening in those parts of the state?

7. Finding equal footing on hard rock

Why is the oil-and-gas industry still a man’s world?

8. Raising sheep in coal country

Do Montana’s coal and mining industries exert undue influence on the educational institutions they fund?

9. If three’s a crowd …

What draws polygamists to Pinesdale, Montana?

10. When the badge comes off

Is PTSD affecting Montana’s law enforcement officers?