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Sidney 2.0: A Stranger’s Take on Sherry Arnold

It’s been 43 days since two men from Colorado allegedly drove through Sidney while smoking crack cocaine. They had one mission in mind—kill a...

Sidney 2.0: ‘Fear and Loathing’ in Montana

Mike, Amy and Dameon arrive in Sidney after nine and a half hours of driving. Amy documents her first day in the furthest east she's ever been in Montana. Photos by Mike and Dameon.

Jargon Therapy: Defining Science — The Quick and Dirty

The war over water is pending, say those who study fluvial processes. Sounds dirty to me. Actually, I was speaking to a Montana’s water specialist for...

Sidney 2.0: The Town I Never Heard Of

As I type this post, I’m bouncing through turbulence on an airplane taking me 1,000 miles in the opposite direction from where I need to...

How Others Perceive the United States

Stacy Swords Christchurch, New Zealand: What do you think about the 24-hour news networks here? Really, I would have no preference of one American news channel over...

Mehrdad Kia on Foreign Reporting

Bekhi Spika goes behind the scenes of the MJR Magazine.

Standing Rock: Native journalists torn between passion and neutrality

Story by Jason Begay, photos by Olivia Vanni See more of MJR's Standing Rock Coverage with this interactive web documentary. Even if it weren’t for that...

Smoke ‘Em Out

By Austin Green While hackers obtain secrets through clandestine methods, former FBI agent Warren Little preferred a more direct approach. During his 24 years with...
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