Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Culling in the Capital

By Masaki Nakagawa First light has yet to peek over the top of Mount Helena as Mark Lerum, reserve officer for the Helena Police, pulls...

News of the Wild: Urban Deer Management Proposal in Missoula

The proposed program is styled after the Helena Urban Deer Management Program implemented in 2008, which sets baited traps throughout town. The deer that are caught are euthanized and the meat is harvested and given to families in need. There’s room for a modern-day Bambi story in there somewhere…

Jargon Therapy: A Cooperative Partnership

A cooperative partnership: this is what got thousands of acres of rangeland reseeded and native plants growing less than a year after wildfire raced across Gary Visintainer’s land.

Standing Rock: Native journalists torn between passion and neutrality

Story by Jason Begay, photos by Olivia Vanni See more of MJR's Standing Rock Coverage with this interactive web documentary. Even if it weren’t for that...

Behind the Curtain

By Brooks Johnson Politically minded Montanns should be excited for 2014 — especially if they prefer not to know the donors behind the impending flood...
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