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Shooting Solo

Story by Michael Beall, photos by Sarah Chaput de Saintonge

It took one editors’ meeting on the first day of Austin Green’s internship to make him rethink how to accomplish his career goal — to file stories from every continent. He was in Salt Lake City listening to the newspaper’s plan to lay off reporters when he realized there’s no real job security.

“I’d rather adventure and travel the world than to go to, say, Wyoming, and cover city council to be fired any given day.”

After graduating from the University of Montana, Green took his talents to Spain to launch Los Crossovers, a website about European professional basketball, while teaching English on the side.

The Whitefish native’s plan almost flopped when his co-founder, a multimedia specialist, decided to stay in the United States.

But rather than give-up, Green used some of the money they had raised through crowd funding for mobile video equipment and iPhone apps, counting on his former partner to help him remotely with web design.

Worst case, his adventure will allow him a few years in Europe.

Best case, he gets to write features that might land him a sustained gig down the road.

Michael Beall is a journalism graduate from the University of Montana and former MJR editor, traveling the world and writing.