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Private school kids in Montana reinvent television news

When you leave it up to kids to decide what to study, they might just choose to start their own television news show. On GLS TV, a project of Glacier Lake School in St. Ignatius, students serve as editors, anchors, camera operators and script writers, with only occasional supervision from school co-founder Ben Kestner. Episodes have covered everything from the local weather to national news stories such as the Standing Rock movement. A private school without political or religious affiliations, Glacier Lake School says it lets students follow their passions and build their own curricula.

Kenna Ferrill, left, looks over the footage from filming with Sariel Sandoval, right, the editor for GLS TV. Sandoval goes through all takes and edits every segment on her own. ©Olivia Vanni
Staff members of GLS TV watch their latest episode to discuss ideas and tips on how to improve their show. Students vote on every decision, from content ideas to whether or not they want an adult involved in the class. ©OLIVIA VANNI

 Olivia Vanni is a senior at the University of Montana, graduating this spring. She spent her summer working as a photo intern for the Missoulian newspaper and enjoying the perks of Missoula in the summer. She is currently the multimedia editor for the Montana Kaimin  and enjoys all things photo.

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