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2016 STAFF

Nicky Ouellet – Managing Editor
Former English teacher, future journalism master, Nicky Ouellet currently lives vicariously through MJR’s reporters, writes for Bugle Magazine and tags along on her dog’s adventures.
Celia Talbot Tobin – Managing Editor
When she’s not co-managing MJR, Celia lives as a freelance photographer who is currently moonlighting as a Master’s candidate. She grew up on a farm and is particularly fond of hammocks and eating.
Tana Wilson – Marketing Director/Contributor
Tana Wilson is a Libby, MT native who plans on pursuing a career in the federal government that utilizes both her degrees in Journalism and Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management. Her favorite place to be is in the mountains, and she loves that you can actually “get lost” in Montana.
Erin Loranger – Senior Editor
Erin Loranger is an editor at the Montana Kaimin and has been to seven My Morning Jacket concerts.
Andrew Graham – Staff Writer
Andrew Graham studies environmental science journalism. He does not think natural history is boring.
Reagan Colyer – Copy Chief/Contributor
Reagan Colyer is a junior studying Journalism, French and African American Studies at the University of Montana. She is a member of the Griz track and field team, connoisseur of Missoula’s coffee shops and staunch opponent of the Oxford comma.
Hunter Schmitz – Copy Editor/Contributor
Hunter Schmitz is a University of Montana senior who is double majoring in journalism and history. Hunter wants to use his knowledge of history and news to enrich his writing and pursue a career in journalism and historical research. Aside from writing, Hunter enjoys hiking around Missoula and cooking ethnic foods.
Evan Frost – Multimedia Editor
Evan Frost is the photo editor for the Montana Kaimin, opposes selfies and takes slightly better pictures than most millennials.
Jake Green – Staff Photographer
Jake Green is a junior at the University of Montana. He has a passion for people and is intrigued by their stories. He enjoys digital photography but spends much of his time shooting film.
Declan Lawson – Designer/Contributor
Declan Lawson is a super senior at the University of Montana, double majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. He is a freelance writer for FTM magazine. His passion lies in writing and he hopes to one day pen novels or start a publication of his own.
Katie Hofschield – Designer
When Katie Hofschield isn’t designing for MJR she spends her time online-window shopping and attempting to feng shui her college home.
Alyssa Dillon – Designer/Contributor
Alyssa Dillon is a student at the University of Montana majoring in journalism and minoring in art history and criticism. She hopes to one day become a freelancer doing travel writing, foreign correspondence and art criticism.
Shanti Johnson – Senior Editor
In the midst of completing her master’s degree with the University of Montana, Shanti Johnson is immersed in covering the impacts of climate change in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. She’ll be ringing in the New Year there among mangroves and motorbikes.
Taylor Wyllie – Senior Editor
Taylor Wyllie is the arts and culture editor for Montana Kaimin and a student of environmental studies and journalism at the University of Montana.
Hunter Pauli – Senior Editor
Hunter Pauli is managing editor for the Montana Kaimin, where he’s published how-tos about making guns in the library, buying drugs in the computer lab and other ways to smash the state with its own tools.
Ailene Camacho – Copy Editor/Contributor
Ailene Camacho is a student at the University of Montana School of Journalism in Missoula.
Bree Zender – Copy Editor/Contributor
Bree Zender is a journalism student at the University of Montana.
Claire Burgeson – Copy Editor/Contributor
Claire Burgeson: student in the Journalism School. Marketable skills: grammar correcting, smiling, drinking minimal amounts of water, rolling up tents, sailing, photography, sass and, most importantly, writing bios.
Dayton Smith – Videographer
Dayton Smith was born and raised in Great Falls, MT. He will earn a B.A. in Journalism and B.F.A. in Digital Filmmaking in Spring 2016.
Hannah-Laura Rudolph – Art Director
Hannah-Laura Rudolph: MJR art director, journalism student, coffee drinker, indoor enthusiast.
Olivia Keith – Designer/Contributor
Olivia Keith is a senior from Helena and is studying print journalism. She enjoys small-town reporting, but is excited to graduate, travel around the world and see where life takes her.
Suzie Chiem – Social Media Editor
Suzie Chiem: journalism student, columnist, social media editor and so much cooler online than in person.
Christian Grant – Social Media News Editor/Contributor
Christian Grant is a native of Los Angeles who quit acting and moved to Montana for the University’s journalism school. He puts his theatrical training to use as a podcaster and writer for the Montana Kaimin’s comedy news show.
Photos by Evan Frost

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