News of the Wild: A Solution to Montana’s Wolf Problem

Okay folks, so a grey wolf was spotted running around in a field at the Kalispell Middle School in late February, and a man named Brian Grande caught it on video with his cell phone.

Great.  Well done, fellow!

However, judging from the jerky video quality (which has clearly been edited so that it will not show possibly even larger blunders,) Grande was paying little, if any, attention to the road.

This wolf keeps changing directions and running away from Grande, clearly annoyed with the lurching car that refuses to leave it alone.

Sir, while I appreciate your citizen journalism, I feel it is imperative you watch the road and not shoot video while driving. I feel this is imperative since this took place near a school where young children tend to hang out.

I do think I have found a use for him, though.

Weeks ago, I was poking around the website for the newspaper in Libby, Mont. and came across an article examining the area’s current wolf problem. Wolf/human interactions are growing and this has caused increasing concern in the residents of Lincoln County. The article finishes with a ‘what to do if you encounter a wolf’ scenario.

My solution:  I suggest we send Kalispell’s citizen journalist up to Libby to film these wolves.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials stated that the Kalispell wolf was simply passing through.  My theory is Grande successfully ran off the wolf.  He could easily cause the Libby wolves to have an extreme aversion to humans with enough harassment as well.