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Mobile phones both curse and blessing for exiled teens

The glass wall of Julia Fath’s office looks out onto the area where students take a 25-minute break between classes. She can watch them on their phones, playing YouTube videos of the war at...

Inside the ‘Lugenpresse:’ German media confront charges of lying by omission

On the third floor of a grand office building in central Berlin, Thomas Fuhrmann’s television news team discussed the fallout of an unusual case of arson in a refugee asylum home. Most fires in German...

Video journalist Thomas Nybo navigates advocacy and objectivity in telling stories of refugee children

Few video journalists have shown the humanity of refugee children as poignantly as Thomas Nybo. A graduate of the University of Montana School of Journalism, Nybo has traveled to more than 90 countries, often...

2016: The Burn Issue

How Journalists Fan the Flames of Wildfire in the West

New vegetation fills an old burn area from the Trapper Fire in 2003. (Jake Green)
Firefighters often talk about the incomparable beauty of a forest burning at night. Fire fascinates. Its flicker in a campsite has always been mesmerizing. Forest fires are something else entirely, mixing fear, awe and untamed natural beauty. In the media, wildfire is either feared or...

2016 Sidebars

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