Jargon Therapy: Power Shift Players Give Their Two Cents

Sometimes succinct, poignant and creative messages draw the strongest results. These mini-novels were written by young people learning about climate change at this year’s Rocky Mountain Power Shift Conference.

Nick Strom
Could not look away or stop listening. I feel like I have finally found my calling.

Bryan Nickerson
I went to Ecuador and found oil in my drinking water in the Amazon Basin. I came back
inspired to inspire the fight that is ours. I will always fight.

Ben Simonson
I’m from North Dakota. My father and I would hunt around Williston, the
community in North Dakota most affected by the oil boom. It looks like the industrial
engine of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. You need to put the Shire back into our mind
as the definition of happiness, not power and greed. We want to change. Let us.

Ryan Wendell
There is no such thing as clean coal. However I will examine all the trash that is
excavated in the event Montana extracts coal from the earth.

Weston Altman
I am worried that all of our powder will be scooped up by Californians. It’s our powder,
hands off!

Kiah Abbey
Our revolution will be based in love and inclusion. Loving each other. Loving the earth.
Loving for years to come.

Devin Fowler
Sustainability is as important as the rain’s ability to bring life. Inspired by everybody.

Steven Mumblo
The world must change
We must sustain
To have a world
Without the shame.

Thomas McKean
She’d never seen these noisy new creatures. They buried her burrow last week along
with her four new pups.