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2017 Staff

 clairec Claire Chandler – Managing Editor
Tall with a cartoon voice, Claire was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. A big fan of ice cream and skiing, she hopes to work where stories and technology collide.
charlie Charli White – Deputy Managing Editor
Charli White is a senior graduating in the spring of 2017, with a major in journalism and minors in Spanish and history. A detail-oriented organizer, she is putting her master scheduling skills to good use in all things logistics and production for MJR 2017 as the deputy managing editor.
hennriettel Henriette Löwisch – Editor-in-Chief
Henriette Löwisch started out as an intern for a German women’s magazine what seems like a zillion years ago. She returned to magazine publishing via a professorship at the University of Montana School of Journalism and has served as editor-in-chief of Montana Journalism Review since 2012.
keithg Keith Graham – Executive Editor
A transplanted southerner, Keith has found Montana to be a great place to run and roam when he is not documenting the ranches, schools and small towns of this state.
dianas Diana Six – Senior Editor
Diana Six is a woman in transition. After years of conducting research and writing and editing for scientific journals, she has shifted to translating science for the public, particularly focusing on the intersection of policy, management and ecology and the universal frickin’ coolness of nature.
katys Katy Spence – Senior Editor
Senior Editor Katy Spence is a graduate student at the University of Montana School of Journalism. She enjoys new recipes, new places and old souls.
dakotaw Dakota Wharry – Senior Editor
Dakota Wharry is a junior at the University of Montana, and the senior editor for the Montana section of the 2017 edition of MJR. His focus is primarily on writing and photography with the goal of being able to produce engaging multimedia packages.
kathleens Kathleen Stone – Senior Editor
Kathleen is a senior from Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves writing about arts, music and the outdoors, and is passionate about coffee and honeybees.
maddiev Maddie Vincent – Staff Writer
Maddie Vincent is a journalism graduate student at the University of Montana. Ask her how she feels about the refugee resettlement issue and she’ll probably cry, scream, smile and then tell you it’s the issue that deepened her love for investigative storytelling.
bayleyb Bayley Butler – Photo Editor
Bayley Butler was born and raised in a rural Montana town of 500 people. She is a lover of caffeine, photography, animals and travel.
oliviav Olivia Vanni – Staff Photographer
Olivia Vanni is a senior at the University of Montana, graduating this spring. She spent her summer working as a photo intern for the Missoulian newspaper and enjoying the perks of Missoula in the summer. She is currently the multimedia editor for the Montana Kaimin, is the staff photographer for the 2017 Edition of the Montana Journalism Review and enjoys all things photo.
kirav Kira Vercruyssen – Staff Videographer
Kira Vercruyssen is a senior graduating in December with a major in journalism focusing on photography. She is the staff videographer for MJR’s 2017 online issue. She is a lover of food and wine and hopes to be a photographer for a magazine that specializes in both.
christiang Christian Kiemele – Social Media
Christian Kiemele is a junior from Missoula, and is the social media editor for the Montana Journalism Review. He has his eyes set on the marketing industry, with a particular focus in social media work. He has a slight obsession with both Grizzly and Packer football, both of which he spends entirely too much of his free time on.
mattr Matt Roberts – Web Editor
Is Matt Roberts a photographer, a reporter, a scientist or a climbing bum? No one really knows, but he’s definitely a jack of all trades when it comes to science and environmental communication, traveling and hanging out in the mountains.
sachi Sachi Sinhara – Marketing and Development Director
Sachi Sinhara is graduating in spring 2017 with a major in journalism & a minor in international development studies. In MJR 2017, she works as a marketing and development director, helping raise funds for the production of the magazine and developing an effective marketing strategy.
 delanyk Delaney Kutsal – Art Director
Delaney Kutsal is the art director for the 2017 edition of MJR. She considers herself an outdoor enthusiast, cat-lover and pizza connoisseur.
 kelseyj Kelsey Johnson – Designer
Kelsey Johnson is a student at the University of Montana studying journalism and media arts. She is a coffee enthusiast, lover of pens and a firm believer that print isn’t dead.
zoiek  Zoie Koostra – Designer
Zoie Koostra is a junior studying journalism and media arts. She is the publications assistant at the UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research and a designer at the Montana Kaimin. Her passion is using digital art and content to tell stories.
kates  Kate Shea – Designer
Kate Shea is a designer with the Montana Journalism Review. She is in her final year at the University of Montana School of Journalism with a specialty in print.
 gillianw Jillian Wiggers – Designer
Jillian Wiggers is a designer for MJR. She’s a hard-working, Red Bull hoarding, stressed out senior who is graduating in the spring.
taylorc  Taylor Crews – Copy Chief
Taylor is a Missoula native with a passion for Montana and the people in it. She served as copy chief for the 2017 Montana Journalism Review and considers MJR to be one of the best learning experiences of her time in college.
coreyh  Corey Hockett – Copy Editor
Corey is a senior at the University of Montana and a copy editor on this year’s journalism review. He pursues combined storytelling with quality images and the compelling word. Hockett enjoys wide open spaces and the snow, rock, water and wildlife that come with them.
 annar Anna Reid – Copy Editor
Originally raised in Yellowstone National Park, Anna Reid is a senior journalism student. She also works as the copy chief for the Montana Kaimin, is involved in the Davidson Honors College and Global Leadership Initiative, and is an avid fan of Cholulah’s hot sauce.
 tates Tate Samata – Copy Editor
Tate Samata is a senior from Chicago interested in photography, video, writing and nearly all aspects of journalism. She is a copy editor/fact checker for MJR and is obsessed with Old English Sheepdogs
Photos by Olivia Vanni

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