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2013 Staff

Billie Loewen
Managing Editor/Art Director

Billie Loewen is a Missoula, Mont., native and 2013 graduate of the University of Montana School of Journalism. In her senior year, she served as editor-in-chief of the Montana Kaimin, the daily newspaper at UM. In 2011, she won third place in the national Hearst feature writing competition and first in the national Society of Professional Journalists feature writing competition. Her writing or design has been published in High Country News, Missoula Independent, Native News, the Montana Business Quarterly and Crown of the Continent magazine.

Heather Jurva
Deputy Manager Editor

Heather Jurva is a Montana native from Columbia Falls, a small town just 20 minutes from Glacier National Park. As such, she has seen the theme of closeness in Montana play out in her day-to-day life. Heather has an abiding love for truthful and engaging narrative storytelling and spends an inordinate amount of time perusing longform on the web. After graduation, she hopes to find work that will keep the lights on and still scratch her storytelling itch. Her work has appeared in the Flathead Beacon, Hungry Horse News, and Health and Hope Magazine–a St. Patrick Hospital publication.

Erik Anderson
Senior Editor/Marketing Development

Erik C. Anderson is from Helena, Mont. Graduating with a journalism degree in spring, Erik served as the sports editor and social media manager for the Montana Kaimin, the University of Montana’s student-led newspaper. He has written for ESPN.com and blogged for the New York Times. Erik won the George and Marie Lynch McVey Scholarship for professional promise in sportswriting. He has acceptedan internship in McLean, Va., with USA Today’s digital sports department.

Austin Green
Senior Editor

Austin Green is a native of Whitefish, Mont., and senior editor of Montana Journalism Review. He also serves as a news editor at the Montana Kaimin, the University of Montana’s student newspaper. He will graduate with a degree in journalism in the spring of 2014. Austin loves long-form stories and hopes to make a living as a feature writer.

Trevor Reid
Business Manager

Trevor Reid is from San Clemente, California. Growing up with a single season back home, he is captivated by the changing of seasons in Missoula. He enjoys the many wonders Montana has to offer, from fly fishing legendary rivers to hiking the Continental Divide. After graduation, he hopes to work for a conservation magazine where he can write about contemporary environmental issues and the effects they have on sportsmen and sportswomen in the nation.

Jenny Gessaman
Page Designer

Jenny Gessaman is a University of Montana senior from the small town of Highwood. She’s focusing on a career in both print and design and is passionate about the growing field of science journalism. In her free time, she has volunteered for KBGA, the Western Montana Humane Society and Open Aid Alliance. She loves cycling, lefse from scratch and helping tourists figure out at exactly what elevation deer turn into elk.

James Rolph
Copy Editor

James Rolph is a junior somewhat paradoxically studying political science and journalism. He has worked in print journalism since his high school as editor of the Miter student newspaper, which produced a love for an inherently declining business model. He finds himself at home in the University of Montana School of Journalism, where a small army of like-minded news junkies have helped refine many of his skills while encouraging writing in the third person. James is proud to work as a copy editor for Montana Journalism Review, where he again has the opportunity to learn from a group of fabulously talented journalists.

Callan Berry
Assistant Art Director

Callan Berry is a student at the University of Montana earning a degree in theatre. He is a columnist and cartoonist for the Montana Kaimin and also works as a freelance illustrator. You can find his work at www.mumblecity.com

Dustin Nelson
Copy Editor

Dustin Nelson is a junior at the University of Montana School of Journalism and a native Montanan. He is inspired by creative, in-depth, and personal editorials and looks forward to sharing his talents as a writer and editor to tell the stories of individuals who shape our culture.

Austin Schempp
Copy Editor

Austin Schempp is a native of Loveland, Colo., and a second-year journalism student at the University of Montana. He is a writer, runner, film fanatic, sports junkie, and apple-pie connoisseur. He loves the fresh mountain air and can’t live without a mountain view.

Ashley Nerbovig
Staff Writer

Ashley Nerbovig is from Seattle, Washington. She enjoys reporting in a small town, but can’t wait to travel the world to report major issues. As a student at the
University of Montana, she hopes to learn a lot about journalism. When she graduates she wants to immediately begin reporting as an AP foreign correspondent, but she most likely will get an internship at a local paper — either is exciting.

Mandy Tippett

Mandy Tippett moved to Montana from Ohio to study photojournalism and wildlife biology at the University of Montana. This past summer, she received the opportunity to combine her two passions while working as an intern for Sea Turtle Conservation in the South China Sea. She says it was “the chance of a lifetime and an extremely eye-opening and interesting experience.” Mandy loves living in Missoula and hopes to stay after graduation next year.

Ric Sanchez
Copy Chief

Ric Sanchez is a Californian expatriate who migrated to the Northern Rockies, studying journalism at the University of Montana. After he graduates, Ric hopes his love of words and long-form journalism will land him a job at a magazine somewhere in the Northwest. He finds it interesting that the closer people live to their neighbors, the more distant they grow. Ric routinely ignores his blog theundeclared.wordpress.com

Megan Petersen
Copy Editor

Megan Petersen is a third-year journalism student and a fourth-generation journalist. Raised in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, she grew up loving trees, mountains and water, which would lead her to Missoula. Megan believes that all of life is a big story that must be told and she wants to help tell it, so she decided she wanted to be a journalist at very young age. After she graduates next spring, Megan will go out into the great unknown to fulfill her dream of becoming a vagrant writer and wanderer. She hopes to spend her life writing, traveling, being happy and telling stories.

Eric Orvasky
Photo Editor

Eric Oravsky is from Swartswood, N.J., but was raised in Billings, Mont. From 2008 to 2010 he served as the Photo Editor for the Montana Kaimin, the daily paper at the University of Montana. He spends most of his time photographing adventure sports and competing in ultra-distance running and skiing. His photography and videography has been published in Sports Illustrated, Missoula Independent, Native News, Montana Headwall, Feast, The Billings Gazette, and The Sierra Star. Some of his current projects can be found at www.allseasonallterrain.com.

Donelle Weston
Web Editor

Donelle Weston grew up in Billings, Mont., and was an executive editor for her high school newspaper in 2010. She moved to Missoula to attend the University of Montana in the hopes of pursuing a career in journalism. She is a junior majoring in journalism with a minor in media arts. She is moving to New Zealand in two years’ time, but Montana will always have a special place in her heart.

Henriette Löwisch

Henriette Löwisch started out as an intern for a German women’s magazine what seems like a zillion years ago. She returned to magazine publishing via a professorship at the University of Montana School of Journalism and has served as editor-in-chief of Montana Journalism Review since 2012. Her favorite magazines are the New Yorker, the Economist, and Cook’s Illustrated. She is online at http://transatlanticnomad.tumblr.com/

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